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Item No. 83500 Cable USB 2.0 A male > USB 2.0 A female ShapeCable 1 m
Description :
  This cable enables you to extend your USB 2.0 connection by ca. 100 cm and can be used to connect various devices. Because of a built-in wire the ShapeCable can be bent into any form and then maintains its shape.
This can be used eg to to neatly guide the cable or coil it to save space without forming loops.
Specification :
  • Connector: USB 2.0 type A male > USB 2.0 type A female
• ShapeCable: Integrated, shapeable wire
• Cable diameter: ca. 5 mm
• Cable gauge: 28 AWG data line
24 AWG power line
• Color: black
• Length incl. connector: ca. 1 m
System Requirements :
  • A free USB port
Package Content :
  • USB 2.0 extension cable
Package :
  • Poly bag
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Your Reliable Partners