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Item No. 61873 Delock Adapter SATA 22 pin female > eSATApd female
Description :
  This adapter by Delock enables you to convert the SATA 22 pin HDD port into a Power over eSATA port. Thus you can connect a HDD externally to your PC or notebook with eSATApd port by using a Power over eSATA cable. Therefor you do not require an additional power supply.
Optional connecting cables are available e.g. ref. 82767.
Specification :
  • Connector: SATA 22 pin female > eSATApd female
• Suitable for 2.5 or 3.5 SATA HDD
• Voltage: 5 V /12 V
System Requirements :
  • PC or notebook with a free
 eSATApd port for 3.5 HDD or
 eSATAp port for 2.5 HDD
• Connecting cable
Package Content :
  • Adapter
Package :
  • Delock antistatic cover
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Your Reliable Partners