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Item No. 62637 Compact Flash Adapter for iSDIO (WiFi SD), SDHC, SDXC Memory Cards
Description :
  This Compact Flash adapter by Delock can be used to plug in normal SD memory cards as well as WiFi SD memory cards, which can be used in a Compact Flash slot of a device. The data transfer rate depends on the used memory card.
Specification :
  • Connectors:
 1 x CF type I >
 1 x SD slot
• Supports following memory cards, WiFi or normal:
 SD, SDHC, SDXC, Mini SD*, Mini SDHC*, Micro SDHC*, Micro SDXC*, T-Flash*
 with Adapter (Adapter not included in the package content)
• Supports memory:
 up to 2 TB
 SD 3.0
 Class 2 / 4 / 6 / 10 and UHS-I
 file system FAT / FAT32 / exFAT / NTFS
 Wireless SD (iSDIO) and standard SDIO cards
• Data transfer rate up to 25 MB/s
• Dimensions (LxWxH): ca. 42.8 x 36.4 x 3.3 mm
• Supports IDE UDMA and CF Fast DMA mode
• Special plastic housing for ideal WiFi reception
System Requirements :
  • A free CF slot
Package Content :
  • CF adapter
Package :
  • Retail Box
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