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Item No. 65434 Delock Adapter DC 1.3 x 3.5 mm male > Terminal Block 2 pin
Description :
  This DC to Terminal Block adapter is made for special industrial application e.g. for connecting single wires with open cable heads. It also can be used in the hobby area for example for model railroading. Therefor you can connect various devices with suitable DC power connector to the adapter in order to supply your devices individually with power (depending on the requirements of device).
Specification :
  • Connector:
DC 1.3 (inside) x 3.5 (outside) mm male
2 pin Terminal Block
• Suitable for different Delock Lighting® LED light bars
• Positive pole inside, negative pole outside
• DC pin length: ca. 11 mm
• Pitch 5.0 mm
Package Content :
  • Adapter
Package :
  • Poly bag
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Your Reliable Partners