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Item No. 82465 Cable eSATAp 12V > eSATA/USB-B/MD4 1m
Description :
  This Power Over eSATA cable by Delock enables you to connect different devices with standard eSATA, USB-B or MD4 interface, e.g. external enclosure. The eSATAp port combines USB and eSATA and can provide up to 12V to your devices, when you connect it to a free 12V eSATAp port of your notebook or PC. Thus you do not need an extra power supply for 3,5” external enclosure which are compatible with this cable (MD4). Furthermore this cable is also suitable for 2,5” Combo enclosures with eSATA and USB-B ports, when you connect the cable to a 5V eSATAp interface.
Specification :
  • Connection: eSATAp > eSATA/USB-B/MD4
• Voltage: 5V/12V
• Cable length: 1m
• Data transfer rate: eSATA up to 3Gbps
USB up to 480Mbps
System Requirements :
  • PC or notebook with a free eSATAp 5V or 12V port
Package :
  • Delock poly bag
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