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Item No. 84767 Delock Cable SATA Express 18 pin plug + SATA Power > SATA Express 29 pin plug 30 cm
Description :
  With this cable by Delock an SSD with SATA Express port can be connected to a free SATA Express port of the PC. SATA Express combines the technologies of SATA and PCI Express and allows the integration of an SSD with such a port via PCI Express into the system. The simultaneous usage of two PCI Express lanes allows higher data transfer rates than a connecting via SATA.
Specification :
  • Connector:
 1 x SATA Express 18 pin (7+7+4 pin) plug + 1 x SATA 15 pin power connector >
 1 x SATA Express 29 pin (15+7+7 pin) plug
• Data transfer rate up to 1 GB/s (PCI Express rev. 2.0) resp. 2 GB/s (PCI Express rev. 3.0)
• Cable gauge: 26 AWG
• Supports AHCI and NVMHCI/NVMe protocol
• Colour: red / grey
• Cable length without connector: ca. 30 cm
System Requirements :
  • PC with a free SATA Express port
• SSD with SATA Express port
Package Content :
  • SATA Express cable
Package :
  • Poly bag
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